From Chronic Pain to First Half Marathon

To say my working out with Daffney was life changing doesn’t do her training abilities justice.  Daffney took an overweight and out of shape professional desk jockey, with two bad knees and a bad lower back, and now, 50 pounds lighter, has me running half marathons at a pretty good clip (and looking to go for longer distances) and lifting heavier weights than I ever could before.  After 30+ years of getting in and falling back out of shape for various reasons, Daffney is the one trainer who completely changed my workout habits, changed my eating habits, and eliminated my tendency to use excuses that were holding me back from achieving the fitness goals that lived deep inside me.  Without being preachy or judgmental, Daffney goes the extra mile to educate you not only about working out efficiently and using proper form, but also as to how your eating (and other) habits affect your performance both inside and outside the gym.  She takes the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your specific physical issues, and then carefully tailors a personal exercise and total fitness program to meet both your physical and psychological needs.  All of the above while keeping you thoroughly entertained throughout your workouts.  Again, the term “life changing” simply doesn’t do her personal training abilities justice.