Training & Physical Therapy for the Whole Family

Our family has benefited from a broad exposure of trainers and coaches over the years having a parent who played varsity sport at college through to children who are either doing the same or might do so in the future.  Daffney is unique in that she has the breath of skills, experience and training to spot or take on a weakness or injury and integrate that into a holistic approach.  Her training goes from the extremes of occupational therapy through to nutrition with a knowledge basis to discriminate between hot trends and useful developments.
For one of us she took on a multi-season mid season recurring injury and developed a plan to strengthen the athlete in ways that allowed for full seasons.  For another, she identified flexibility and other issues that were the result of earlier injuries or lack of use.  One of her strengths is to identify issues and develop realistic approaches to them.   An underestimated skill is her seamless ability to relate across personalities, genders, goals and, of course, ages.