Meet Your Trainer

Daffney has been actively involved in the world of Health and Fitness since a young age.  She began competing in Cross Country and Track and Field at the age of 14, eventually finding success at the Regional and State Level by the time she reached High School.  She continued her running journey at East Stroudsburg University in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, but her tenor was cut short by injuries suffered from a major car accident in 2002.  As an adult she has been back on her feet and has moved on to the world of Marathons by winning the Darlington Marathon in 2013, successfully qualifying for and completing the Boston Marathon in 2015, as well as going across the pond to compete in the Motapatu Off-Road Marathon in Arrowtown, New Zealand.

During the road to recovery following her car accident, Daffney discovered that she had successful formula’s for getting not only her body, but her mind back in shape.  She chose to share these modalities with others by teaching spin classes, core dynamics and other various boot camps.  Then in 2006 she came to the DC area where she became engrossed in the corporate fitness community and eventually took on management roles in businesses such as Fitness Together, The Fitness Company, Professional Fitness Management and Crunch Fitness.  As a facility and then regional manager, Daffney learned how to Develop successful Programming, reinvent business plans, motivate staff, motivate and maintain current clients as well as acquire new clients.

In 2013, Daffney made the decision to break off on her own and begin GoRogueFit™. GoRogueFit™ specializes in individual and corporate wellness programs as well as the rehabilitation of struggling fitness facilities.  Each program is specifically tailored to the needs of the client and can be adjusted as life-plans change (i.e. pregnancy, illness and/or injury), or as new goals are made after old ones have been met.  Daffney has worked with clients in ages ranging from 15 to 85 as well as those with a wide range of fitness capabilities.  Daffney maintains strict rules of confidentiality of the Goals, Progression and Challenges of each client.  Daffney enjoys working in conjunction with or at the direction of Personal Physicians and Practitioners in order to most effectively find each clients’ pathway to success.

Daffney is extremely passionate about the success of her clients, whether it be a small personal training facility finally being able to balance their books and turn a profit or a client just being able to see their toes again.  She finds personal triumph in each success story.  Daffney has entered races to pace clients who had a goal time and been dedicated enough to try a vegetarian or vegan diet in order to better identify the needs and challenges of her clients.  Living around DC and working with Northern Virginia and DC clients, she understands the fast tempo and high stress lives most of her clients have and is willing to put forth the extra effort to ensure that they are not only improving physically, but also mentally. Most roads to success are multifaceted and she has found that sometimes an encouraging phone call or email are just as important, before or after a major litigation or public speaking engagement, as the training session itself.